The Future Is...Ours

"Sesungguhnya Allah tidak akan mengubah keadaan sesuatu kaum sebelum mereka mengubah keadaan diri mereka sendiri (Surah Ar-Ra'd: 11)

The 'Test'

Alhamdulillah, dear readers. How is your Imaan today? We already bear in mind saying that, Imaan will always 'yazid wa yankus' means if translated directly, 'increase and decrease'. In a long phrases sounding like this, " Imaan will always increase and decrease'. Guys, do you all really know the behaviour of ours determine our Imaan? Well, I suggest you to peep back what in Holy Quran and Hadith have said. We are as Muslims, must get struggling and keep the Mujahadah in every seconds and minutes. But I, as a Muslim, sometimes resemble like a dead leaf, waving in the air, slowly, before the leaf reaches the ground gently. How could that be? Others might say, of course this is due to GRAVITY doings. That's way all the things if they are flinging up into the sky, eventually they will return back to the EARTH. Simple conotation, briefly said well. :)

Although it seems impossible to reverse the Laws, but it can be reliable to the others who want to make it as the similarity and great example. But at first you must give them the real fact that they should know. All things. Dont be keep nerd and noob by accepting the knowledge from the giver.Manipulate it. It shows the something special in you. "whoa, simply magnificent." then, you deserve all that. BUT, dont get others wrong regarding the real fact. Okay? ^^

Dont all you aware that, everyday in our lives is TEST? Or you just accept it or commonly not being thoughtful person? Emm, we need to keep thinking, imagining, in order to get the brain work effectively. The real fact for men is, everyday they will think about sex. Even it is just once. And if they are not going to think about that in less than two days, they are abnormal. See? Hoho. I am a man. This is ordinary. No ones can object the Fitrah. About women, emm, you women, suppose to know it yourselves.
Back on the top argument, everyday is a test. Even, we as a Muslim, when it is about time to offer the Solah, we must a bit lazy, "ah, it is still a long time to perform it. Lets do it last minute." At the time being, we are being tested with games, friends, facebooking, Twittering, Googling and so on.
Erm, saying about Googling and YouTubing, the Muslims are supposed to boycott their website in the following date respectively. Which is starting from 21 to 23 September, if I am not mistaken. So dear my beloved Muslims, do your DUTY. My duty too.

Guys, do pray for me, as I will be facing final examination for my 4th semester next week.And currently, I register for five subjects, means 5A should be and ought to be in my grab. With all that,
 many pleasures for you who have spent their time, reading, praying for me.! May ALLAH bless you in return.

Barakallahufikum. ma'akum bittaufiq wan najah. InsyaAllah. Ilal liqa' wa ma'assalamah. ^^

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